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Its a Wonder EP

by Jed and Lucia

Its a Wonder (free) 03:51


Available for purchase/download at jedandluciaubiq.bandcamp.com

This is what happens when you live in a home full of easy listening, Brazilian, and folk music, and you realize “hey, let me electrify all of this.” It’s A Wonder (Ubiquity) is a new EP by Jed And Lucia, to take in various natural and organic sounding music and push it into a modern, clean and fresh electronic landscape. With production done incredibly well, including incorporating various things like tape hiss and sound clipping to make it a part of their deliberate happy accidents, all of this is comforted by the vocals of both Jed And Lucia, to where it ends up sounding like Jackie & Roy. The music is definitely an ode to the past, where one might enter a good thrift store and just raid the racks for space age and/or easy listening music and twist it up. It’s a bit like Portishead but without the misery & gloom.

From the duo’s forthcoming It’s a Wonder EP — coming soon through Ubiquity Records — Jed and Lucia lure you into a skipping rhythmic pulse that quickly unfolds into a psych-dub-crossover jam. Reminds me of that moment when Bibio started merging his field recordings and analog folk music with beat-driven sampling, and the tone of vocalist Mark Reveley has me believing they could be long-lost siblings.

Ubiquity artists Jed and Lucia just released their “It’s A Wonder” EP this week. The lead off single of the same name is a soulful chill-out track with some spooky ambigious vocals. Jed and/or Lucia’s vocals seem to be slowed down, which is exactly what you want to do while listen to this song. The lyrics kind of just falls over you like a dark snow fall. This shit is even past chill-out, I’d have to call this track icy.


released May 15, 2012

Ubiquity Records


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